The Sunset Sports Media Festival is a project that sets up new standards within the organisation of sports business events.

It is a combination of the global sports and media industry that brings together the greatest professionals in the world of sports.

Counting with  20 years of professional experience and success in events industry and a creative owner and producer of globally recognised the WEEKEND MEDIA FESTIVAL, Peppermint agency proudly stands behind the  organisation of the project of Sunset Sports Media Festival.

Apart from the fact of being known as the most important side thing in the world, it is believed sports are the most viewed spectacle in the world and the only one left to truly be experienced in live .

While the trend of sport globalisation tends to be stronger these days Sunset Media Festival aims to become a unique platform for all of those wishing to gain the latest updates and news in the world of sports and media.

Sunset Media Festival gathers strongest points Croatia holds its fame for and it is recognisable world wise- sports and tourism!

Concerning tourism on global market Croatia holds its place as one of the most desirable destinations along with the city of Zadar, the home town of the Sunset Media Festival.

Therefore, it is with no doubt, this project gathering global sports media industry, will bring strong impact on touristic importance for Zadar and Croatia while providing a unique experience of best of what Croatia can offer in all aspects for all festival participants.

Please do hurry to ensure your entrance tickets on time and find out all about the newest trends in sports and media industry while enjoying the gathering of the world’s greatest panelists  under the most beautiful sunset in the world.