Alojzije Janković

Croatian Chess Grandmaster
Croatian chess player, holds the title of Grandmaster, which FIDE awarded him in 2006. He was multiple cadet and junior Croatian champion, played many times for the Croatian national team and became champion of Croatia in 2015.

He was the editor-in-chief of Šahovski glasnik – the monthly magazine of the Croatian Chess Federation. Co-authored the book The Richter-Rauzer Reborn, published by Thinkers Publishing in 2014. with second edition in 2019. and is an author of the book “ The Grandmaster Mindset“ by Thinkers Publishing, released in 2020.

He is the host of the weekly 20 minutes show “Chess Commentary” which is on the air every Saturday on the Third programme of Croatian National Television, and also creator of the chess Youtube channel with 13.000 subscribers.

Janković is the first Croat elected in the World Chess Organization FIDE bodies – in 2018 elected as the FIDE 1.2 Zone President with following countries in the zone: Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.