Bojana Jovanović

Former Professional Tennis Player and Content Creator, Serbia
Bojana Jovanović is an exceptionally talented individual with rich experience in tennis, social media, modeling, and various other fields.

She has won numerous tennis tournaments and proudly held the title of the second-best player in Serbia in 2020. Besides her success as a tennis player, Bojana is also engaged as a coach with great enthusiasm for working with young talents. She is followed by over 200 thousand followers on Instagram and TikTok, with whom she shares fitness routines, moments from the tennis courts, and aesthetic aspects of life, daily guiding people towards a healthy lifestyle and positive changes. She graduated from the IT Multimedia and Design Faculty in Belgrade, which provided her with an additional dimension in creating quality visual content, and her wide range of interests includes tennis, paddle tennis, fitness, yoga, healthy nutrition, fashion, modeling, and spirituality. She believes in a holistic approach to life, striving for a balance between physical and spiritual well-being. Bojana describes herself as an adventurer fulfilled by traveling and discovering new places, people, and cultures. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with renowned names such as Novak Djokovic, Janko Tipsarevic, Stefan Bojovic, Marcel (Brazilian footballer), and Pongfinity (Finnish YouTubers). Her mission is to inspire and motivate people through her platforms, showing them that anything is possible with hard work, love for what we do, and a positive spirit.