Cindy Marina

Cindy Marina spring-boarded her career in 2019 when she won the Miss Universe Albania competition and went on to compete at Miss Universe placing 11th. Despite being born in America, she quickly rose to fame in her country of origin, Albania, after she represented Albania in Miss Universe, as well as representing herself as an athlete having played for the Albanian National Volleyball Team since she was 17 years old. Her athletic background is extensive, a decorated athlete, having dedicated 11 years of her life to playing volleyball at the highest levels in America and Europe. In 2020, Cindy graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in International Relations, Global Business. She now works as a TV host, working for Serie A and AC Milan Channel. In 2021, she became the image of Serie A in Albania and Kosovo, and she reports live from the pitch every weekend from the football stadiums in Italy, covering the most loved football league in Europe.