Marko Šapit

Journalist, HRT, Croatia

Marko Šapit is currently the editor of the Sports Department at HTV (Croatian Radiotelevision), but above all, he is a sports commentator. Since 2005, he has been associated with television and HTV, with a two-year stint in the realms of sports marketing and selling sports rights, during which he also served as the editor of ArenaSport television program. He is the editor and host of the most-watched sports show “Zabivaka” which covered the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

During the last World Cup, he commented on matches of the Croatian national team on their way to winning the bronze medal. He is a self-proclaimed record holder for the number of different sports he has commented on, totaling as many as 17. He enjoys broadcasting basketball games the most and watching cartoons with his son Luka and daughter Tena.