Orlando Lopac

Founder, owner, and operations director od ORLANDOFIT Group

Orlando Lopac, a prominent entrepreneur in the fitness industry, has left an indelible mark as the founder, owner, and operations director of the largest and most renowned regional brand in the fitness, sports recreation, sports management, health care, and development of new health-oriented activities and trends. His expertise and dedication have shaped the industry, and his influence extends throughout the region.

As an entrepreneur, fitness manager, life coach, and educator, Orlando has a strong impact on both micro and macro communities. Since 2018, he has been a speaker and moderator at numerous conferences and congresses, regularly appearing in various media outlets. In 2019/2020, he was a selected candidate for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award. Over the past 10 years, he has served as a consultant and project development manager, becoming the primary and preferred partner in supplying professional, functional, and designer fitness and wellness equipment in the health tourism sector, within the facilities of major hotel groups (Valamar, Liburnia Hotels, Jadranka Hotels, Karisma Hotels, Maistra…), and numerous other tourist and private residential properties. Most notably, he is widely recognized ((now as a former owner)) for his three prestigious 5-star fitness centers in Zagreb, which were acquired by a major international fitness group, after which his team continued to actively operate in the fitness industry through a new LUXURY & PREMIUM service within the newly opened Health Club by OrlandoFit center. In 28 years of business, from his student days to his status as a regional entrepreneur, he has stood out with his vision, perseverance, and optimism, even during the challenging times of the pandemic. His philosophy is based on a balance between reality and expectations, as well as self-awareness as a key factor in success. Thanks to his expertise, dedication, and passion, he has shown that boundaries are merely illusions, and that each of us is the architect of our own destiny, making him a great inspiration to many.