The Sunset Sports Media Festival once again brings together experts, sports and media stars from around the world


The first speakers of the third edition of the Sunset Sports Media Festival, which will take place from 6-8 June in Zadar, will bring together numerous top athletes and prominent experts in the fields of media, marketing and business. The Festival’s rich program features educational panels and lectures. The first list of big names to confirm includes Frank Grillo, the Hollywood action star whose documentary series about martial arts cultures around the world is currently being shown on Netflix; Jeffrey Gerttula, executive vice president of CBS Sports Digital and the man who, together with our own Pete Radovich, produced the most recent Super Bowl, the most watched TV program in the history of television; and Guillem Balagué, writer and TV journalist from CBS Sports who has authored exclusive autobiographies of Lionel Messi, Pep Guardiola and Diego Maradona.

Last year’s edition brought together a number of athletes and experts from the world of sports, media and business. The festival attracted a record number of domestic and foreign participants and achieved all its goals and further cemented its status as a unique event that is key to the progress and further development of all parties. The incredible synergy of everyone involved continues to lay the foundations for a new era in the sports-media industry, as well as the unique promotion of Croatia.

“Following last year’s extremely successful turnout, with the third edition of the festival we aim to exceed all expectations once again. The festival has become the epicenter for connecting all segments of the sports and media industries; from athletes and club leaders to media companies and marketing experts. The globalization of sports today is stronger than ever, and the Sunset Sports Media Festival wants to remain a key destination for all those who want to follow the latest trends and innovations in the world of sports and media. With the arrival of big names and top-quality speakers, this year we will bring unforgettable moments, instructive conversations and diversity that will satisfy all visitors,” said Damjan Rudež, director of the Sunset Sports Media Festival and former NBA star.

During the three-day program, visitors will have the opportunity to meet numerous sports stars and renowned experts in a relaxed atmosphere and discover a number of interesting facts from the world of sports, media and business. The impressive list of lecturers and panelists will be joined by Serbian tennis player Bojana Jovanović; Dino Ruta, head of the department of sports management at SDA Bocconi School of Management and director of the FIFA Master Class program; Matteo Zuretti, head of international relations and marketing at the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA); and Boštjan Nachbar, managing director of the EuroLeague Players Association (ELPA). The latter two will share their professional experiences and insights on player management today, which faces a number of challenges due to recent changes in the dynamics of the sports industry, technological innovations, social trends and economic factors.

The third edition of the Sunset Sports Media Festival will again be held in the city with the most beautiful sunset in the world, and be accompanied by an exciting and diverse entertainment program, which will soon be published on the Festival’s official website, as well as inspiring lectures, panels and screenings of sports-themed films. In the meantime, follow all the latest news on Facebook and Instagram and secure your Super Early bird registration in order to join this exciting and unique event.