Watch the special episode of the “All The Smoke” podcast recorded in Croatia which has won over audiences around the world


Although five months have passed since the second edition of the SUNSET Sports Media Festival, the incredible energy that reigned among the visitors of that unforgettable event continues to resonate. The former NBA champions and charismatic hosts of the world-famous podcast “All The Smoke” chose a beautiful location next to the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun to record a special episode that has received high ratings around the world. During their long and successful basketball careers, the pair were often the focus of the media and the public; but after their professional playing days, they became true media stars that never hold back. The authors and presenters of one of the most popular podcasts on the American media market, which deals with polarizing topics not only from the world of sports but also culture, social equality, politics, music and film, have already hosted numerous world-famous stars on their show, such as Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, Dennis Rodman, Snoop Dogg, and former Croatian national team member, NBA player and director of the Sunset Sports Media Festival, Damjan Rudež. Thanks to their incredible candour, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson won over the hearts of everyone gathered and left an indelible mark. In addition to the fact that in this episode the presenters indulged in an informal conversation with Damjan Rudež, they also talked about their careers, their lives outside basketball and the fascinating experiences they had over the years. They answered questions from the audience, revealed the secret of their worldwide success, what made them a great team, how they manage to create magic every time the cameras are turned on, how much they follow basketball today, and also showed some inspiring scenes during their stay in Zadar and Mali Lošinj. “All The Smoke” has been breaking viewership records in the United States and beyond for years, and now they bring the magic of Croatia to the world stage. You can watch this unique episode at the link and see for yourself why the SUNSET Sports Media Festival is the epicentre of sports and media and of exceptional importance for Croatian tourism.