Football is a sport that belongs equally to men and women


The panel entitled LEADING WOMEN IN FOOTBALL discussed what challenges women face in football and the world around it, how much influence women have in a sport that is still perceived as male, and the future of women’s football. These topics and more were discussed by successful women who today manage the image of major football brands, make important decisions for the development of the sport, and journalists who have become faces of football around the world.

Cindy Marina

Speaking about their experiences and referring to the situations they encountered in their work, it was pointed out that over the years women have had to fight additional battles and build their positions based on knowledge and hard work. “As a person from the media world, I want to emphasize that throughout my career I have had a lot of support from my colleagues and beyond, and in my professional work I want to gain the trust of viewers as well,” noted the well-known sports journalist Cindy Marina.

Anita Jones, Cindy Marina, Martina Knežević, Dee Kundra

Dee Kundra ended up in football completely unexpectedly. After graduating with a degree in fashion from a London University, she realized she didn’t like the industry so she worked in music as a PR specialist, and eventually ended up in football. Today, Dee is the director of operations for the North and South America region of Germany’s Bayern Munich. “In addition to negative experiences, which are still isolated cases, I always had strong support from my colleagues, both male and female, in my career development. It is our duty as women to strongly support everyone who has the ambition to build their careers in sports and football,” added Dee

Martina Knežević

Martina Knežević, the brand alliances director for the American football league MLS, speaking about what the future will bring, pointed out: “Football is much more than a man’s sport. Today, the number of women who watch football is huge. For the game, as well as brands that are promoted through football, diversity should be the backbone of business. The potential of such an approach is huge and is the only correct way forward. The shift is visible and I believe that in the years ahead, the change will be even more visible,” Martina concluded.