You get what you give – “All The Smoke” Podcasters get the audience on their feet


Controversial duo and former NBA champions, and hosts of the mega-popular podcast “All the Smoke”, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, together with the president of Showtime Sports and the man behind the two most exciting pay-per-view events in the history of television – Mayweather – Pacquiao in 2015 and Mayweather – McGregor in 2017 – Stephen Espinoza, set the place on fire with their panel discussion moderated by Anita Jones.

Panel “All the Smoke – Podcast kings”

During their long and successful basketball careers, Barnes and Jackson were often the focus of the media and public attention. Now, they are true media stars that never hold back. Today, their podcast “All the Smoke” is at the top of the list of the most popular sports podcasts in the USA and around the world. Their episodes regularly feature the biggest names in sports and show business, reporting on the latest news from on and off the court without censorship. Although they were sometimes on the receiving end of disciplinary action during their basketball careers, today the pair are known for their social and humanitarian work. Stephen Jackson was one of the leaders of the protests after the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, which moved America. As a childhood friend, Jackson stood up for the rights of African Americans and against the excessive use of police force.

Anita Jones, Stephen Espinoza, Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes

Delighted by the beauty, food and people of the Adriatic, for the first time they recorded a new episode in a wonderful location next to the sea in Zadar. Conversations filled with laughter, interesting stories and fun continued on the third day of the SUNSET Sports Media Festival. These authentic NBA champions recounted how they hosted Kobe Bryant and Will Smith and revealed, among other things, the secret of their worldwide success, their special connection, how they manage to create magic every time the cameras are turned on, how much they follow basketball today, as well as which guests left a special mark on them.

Matt Barnes

We have a great team of people around us, and apart from special chemistry, we create a safe environment and that is probably the main reason why our guests have the courage to say what they haven’t told anyone before. We show our emotions without hesitation and this again confirms the belief that you get what you give. We are human too and we don’t consider people weak when they show their feelings. Society and the whole world should focus more on people’s mental health. We share our life stories and the traumas we’ve been through, and for that reason people can easily identify with us,” said Matt Barnes. For his part, Stephen Jackson added: “Being authentic and believing in yourself and your partners is more than enough.”

Audience on panel “All the Smoke – Podcast kings”